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Alpine health and healing climate conditions

An alpine holiday is proven to promote well-being (high altitude).

Savour the peace and quiet, be active in nature – well away from the stresses and strains of everyday life – these things alone contribute to a better feeling of well-being. The pure mountain air and the high alititude climate at 1,900 m have a positive effect on the body. Not only persons with health conditions (allergy-sufferers, asthma-sufferers…) feel particularly well at the Karnerlam. Also people who set great store by a holiday in natural surroundings appreciate an alpine holiday.


  • Alpine health: can be achieved with an active lifestyle, plenty of physical exercise and a healthy diet.
  • High altitude: a longer stay between an altitude of 1,500 – 2,500 m is proven to have a beneficial effect on the human organism.
  • Healing climate conditions: particularly suitable for allergy-sufferers, asthma-sufferers…
  • Ring-free holiday: you cannot be reached in the Karneralm by mobile phone – there is a landline telephone in the chalet available for emergency calls.
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