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Plant & animal kingdom of the Karneralm

Discover the power of nature and preserve for everyday life

Gently nestling in the Lungau Nockberg mountains, in the counties border triangle Salzburg – Styria – Corinthia, the Karneralm has preserved its original character. And it’s exactly this that nature-lovers and peace-seekers appreciate most. Above all in summer there’s plenty to explore on a nature holiday. The unique mountain landscape is characterized by green alpine meadows with tree-free peaks, clear mountain streams and colourful alpine flowers. Not just people but animals enjoy living around the mountain village all year round.

Idyllic mountain landscape

  • Lungau Nockberg mountains
  • Gentle alpine meadows with tree-free peaks
  • Local mountain: Kleiner Königstuhl (2,254 m)
  • Healing climate conditions
  • Mountain farm landscapes

Fascinating animal kingdom

  • Marmot, mountain hare
  • Black grouse and ptarmigan
  • Stag, deer, fox, chamois
  • Dotterell
  • A number of different types of frogs, butterflies, beetles and small animals

A variety of flora and fauna – a nature holiday in the Nockberg mountains

  • Spruce forests between an altitude of 1,400 and 1,900 m
  • Larch / swiss pine forests between an altitude of 1,700 m and 2,200 m
  • Undergrowth bushes: blueberry, crowberry, cranberry, alpine rose, honeysuckle, rock-redcurrant, alpine valerian (Valeriana celtica)
  • Androsace (unique to the Nockberg mountains), dwarf birch (in a few high moor), Dolomite potentilla and dolomite androsace (on the limestone peaks), herbaceous vegetation
  • Gentian, edelweiss, arnica, black orchid


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