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The wonderful art of doing nothing

Winding down · relaxing · finding peace & quiet · experiencing freedom

A holiday in the mountains … far away from everyday life, the noise and hustle & bustle of our modern times. At the Karneralm you learn to appreciate the simple things in life again – e.g. the gentle gurgling of the stream, the blackbird’s song, the scent of a blooming alpine meadow. Here you are free. Free from clock watching, free from the pressures of everyday life, free from unnecessary worries, which seemed so important at home. At the Karnerlam you learn to be a person again and to remember the important things in life. It’s just great to simply live for the day and to savour every single moment.

A real refuge for families, couples, sports enthusiasts and pleasure-seekers

The children play hide and seek in the nearby forest, romp over the wide, open fields and catch beetles. The sweet forest berries they wanted to bring home have been scoffed already. Just a few red marks on their little finges and a cheeky grin on their faces give away their adventures which they’ve experienced in the alpine pasture area.


The Karneralm is a true holiday paradise, not just for families but for couples or sports enthusiasts. After a hike in summer or a ski tour in winter you can enjoy time together as a couple over a glass of wine. Cuddle together under a blanket and look forward to the next day of your holiday.

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